2nd Edition

In the framework of Cloud Incubator Hub the selected startups develop the technical work in the creation of their technological products parallel to their business training, through the first six months they evolve training in different areas to which they have the opportunity to attend for the acquisition of new knowledge, including workshops on business initiatives, Android workshops, iOS courses, Business Plans etc.

The startups of Cloud Incubator Hub, are gathered in a collaborative working environment –coworking– with the necessary infrastructure to act as a company, have a small reference library and the furniture and telematic and computer material necessary for the realization of your project successfully. The location and the geographical environment, one of the most wonderful in the world, makes your stay during the six months of stay effective and productive.

All startups are participative, so they expose their experiences and achievements in the various events held by Cloud Incubator Hub (Cloud Afterhours -networking, Demo Day -ronde of investors), as well as participate in conferences and promotional events nationwide, enhanced with an expansive work of information through the various media, with the aim of being known and promoted. Proud of them, they have participated in different contests and contests, obtaining first qualifying prizes.

Of course the different startups evolve with the support of their tutors, mentors and all the staff of Cloud Incubator Hub, who help them and guide them day by day, to achieve the constitution of their company and subsequent consolidation.

Currently the startups of the second edition that compose Cloud Incubator Hub are:



GeoComGEOCOM is an innovative company, focused on adapting and advising the company in the use of the latest communication technologies, mainly focused on mobile commerce. The figures make it very clear: in Spain, despite the crisis, the number of smartphones continues to grow, being the first country in Europe with a penetration of 64%. GEOCOM offers the management, maintenance and updating of new information technologies at an unbeatable price. We offer, among others, services of GEOLOCALIZATION, VIRTUAL REPUTATION, DOMAIN REGISTRATION, PAGE ACCOMMODATION and SOCIAL TRADE. We are currently working on a mobile access portal for businesses through geolocation and virtual tours inside shops, businesses and companies in general, through spherical photos (360º).

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KeyBoxKEYBOX Life Solutions is a technological startup that aims to find solutions that make easier the future of society, based on innovation and new technologies that we have today. It comprises two lines of work. On the one hand KeyBox APPs, which is dedicated to the development of multiplatform apps for smartphones and tablet, both to third parties and own. Gifts2Me is the first app of KeyBox Apps for mobile devices based on Android that allows to make a list of gifts to share solving the problem of knowing what to give to someone. KeyBox IOTs is the other branch of KEYBOX Life Solutions dedicated to the development of projects based on free hardware (Arduino, Openpicus, etc) that have as objective “Internet of Things” with prototypes that use “Cloud Computing” to merge technologies.

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Kubrica is a new technological startup that seeks to make a niche in the world of advertising through a new advertising platform where users can create ads and sell them at the price they choose, in addition to buying videos made by others. At the same time, companies and individuals are allowed to demand advertisements and receive proposals from other users, so that they can choose and pay for the one that best suits their needs.

Kubrica participated in the Startup Weekend Murcia 2013, being chosen by the foundation Inlea to participate in the program linktoStart.

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MagMovies – Effect Stock

Effect Stock: Online video production company.

Effect Stock is a multifunction website, where you can sell and buy video resources and motion graphics templates; or make your own videos online, it’s up to every user’s need. It’s a full online video service, with small prices and big possibilities. Quick solutions for video professionals and home users.

Besides this, Effect Stock pretends to create a comunity of creatives and tech consumers, providing the latest news about related themes to the digital era trough its social networks, offering a full experience around video subject.

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MySON is a startup that allows parents or guardians to have full knowledge of their children’s use of different computer/technological devices (smartphones, tablets, Pcs, etc.). The application would allow: knowing the time of connection and disconnection of the device (hours of activity), programs that have run on it, web pages visited, physical areas (geographical positioning) by which you are, etc.. All this information would be presented in easily understandable and detailed graphs daily/weekly/monthly to the person in charge of the minor. In addition, based on this information a report would be prepared with the time devoted to productivity, leisure, etc (usage statistics) and a series of recommendations (apps, websites, etc) for the child to make a responsible / efficient use of technology and get the most out of it. this startup aims to solve the real problem that arises when a parent questions what performance really gives his child to the computer device. It is important not to forget that each time a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. is acquired at an earlier age and that a bad use of these can lead our children to have problems. Currently there is a Linux version of MySON trial. Manuel Romero is a student of Computer Engineering. He has experience in programming (several languages) and has developed several apps for Android.

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People Art Factory

People Art Factory presents its product PeopleArtFactory.com, an innovative web application to design and open art exhibitions and galleries to the public through the Internet. With this tool besides being able to easily create and share an online art gallery (even as an object embedded in another website or through social networks) also resolves the entire process of previous design and subsequent storage of the exhibition, achieving new possibilities for the management, dissemination and sale of works of art, more efficiently and collaboratively, according to a new paradigm 2.0.

This application allows, working in a very intuitive way on a simple 3D builder, to build a simplified prototype to simulate almost any explosion of art, even if it is located in outdoor or urban spaces. The user himself can configure multiple aspects, such as the dimensions of the room, the colour of the walls or the use of texts or background images, the layout of the works, the type of frame, etc.

This website has been developed so that artists and other professionals in the art world (such as gallery owners, exhibition curators and art contest organizers, etc.) can work more efficiently and with a lower carbon footprint, achieving a more direct and specific interaction with the public, through better use on the Internet and social networks.

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Pixel Penguins

Pixel PenguinsPixel Penguins is a start-up focused on integral solutions for the web. From brand design to the development of web and mobile solutions, including the digital marketing strategy, Pixel Penguins materializes your idea or project and makes it a reality in a careful and intelligent integral way.

We are currently working on a web platform for professional associations and a social platform focused on the professional and personal promotion of its members.

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Xana Software

Xana SoftwareXana Software is a startup dedicated to the implementation of solutions for mobile devices, cloud computing, websites, gadgets and new technologies in general. Since its inclusion in the second edition of Cloud Incubator Hub, have begun to create various projects related to solutions for mobile devices, which we expect to see the light briefly on different platforms.

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WIDHOC is a Technology-Based Company and Spin-Off with the collaboration of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). It was created in November 2012 with headquarters in the CEDIT building of the Parque Tecnológico de Fuente Álamo.

The company specialises in instrumentation, control and environmental management using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) communications technology. WIDHOC has a wide range of fields of action, with extensive experience in the agronomic, marine and environmental fields. WIDHOC is committed to a continuous process of development of R+D+i.

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