Who are we …

Have an idea,  have a job


Cloud Incubator HUB is a business incubator/accelerator whose purpose is to encourage startups in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. For that purpose we organize several Acceleration Programs in our sites at the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, where we are promoting cooperative initiatives among young entrepreneurs and networking with experts in a wide range of fields (entrepreneurship, creativity, art, education, research, industry, entertainment, tourism, etc.). In this way we have created an ecosystem which provides a natural habitat for the conception, creation and acceleration of startups, with a high level of technological input.

Cloud Incubator HUB is open to all entrepreneurs, in Spain and elsewhere, who have an idea and want to turn it into a business. To that end we offer the following services over a period of six months, which we believe is enough time to gauge the technological and business viability of the startup:

  • A common space where entrepreneurs can develop their business projects, sharing their experience and know-how with other entrepreneurs.
  • Technological and business training oriented towards the types of startup that are conceived within the framework of the HUB.
  • Mentors to accompany entrepreneurs from the very beginnings of the startup to the enlistment of investors for the final launch of the business.
  • Computer equipment and machinery for the development of applications and gadgets.
  • Meeting rooms, conference room, leisure and rest areas, vehicle parking, etc.
  • Legal and business advisory services.
  • Accommodation in university residences in Cartagena under economically advantageous conditions.

Cloud Incubator HUB is an initiative of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.