EU-XCEL 2015

EU-XCEL is a new virtual accelerator which seeks out talented, aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) to participate in a unique international entrepreneurship experience focused on creating and supporting European teams to become incubator-ready entrepreneurs.

Successful applicants, will be grouped into teams of four and participate alongside some of the most promising and talented aspiring tech entrepreneurs in intensive, specially designed entrepreneurship training and mentoring programme over five-months.


EU-XCEL 2015 Spanish participants

The Challenge Final of the European Project EU-XCEL took place on November the 3rd in Cork, Ireland, sponsored by Microsoft and VMware. Twelve teams with people from eleven European nationalities competed to convince the jury, made up of seven experts, inversors and entrepreneurs, that their start-up idea and business plan were the most profitable. Seven Spanish students (three from the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena) were part of the finalist teams, and attended the final together with the Spanish coordinators of the EUXCEL project. The second edition of the project will take place in 2016.

The following startups participated in EU-XCEL 2015 at Cloud Incubator Hub:


DC 03/11/2015 - REPRO FREE FREE PIC Aspiring tech entrepreneurs from across the European Union battled to win the EUXCEL virtual accelerator programme at UCC. From a shortlist of 12 international startup teams, the winners were announced at University College Cork (UCC) Ireland and include WeQ4U, Datamine, Pic: Diane Cusack

Pic: Diane Cusack

  • Emerald de Leeuw, Ireland
  • Emil Holm, Denmark
  • Klaus Kristansen, Denmark
  • Wojciech Olkiewicz, Poland
  • Karwin Li, The Netherlands
  • Juan Alberto Martinez Segura, Spain

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