Our Team

Since we aim to provide entrepreneurs with as wide a range of services as possible, Cloud Incubator HUB at Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena is organized on a cross-disciplinary basis. Thus, entrepreneurs are in touch with professionals and researchers, not only in various different branches of engineering, but also in non-technological disciplines (law, business sciences, consulting and communication). By offering all these disciplines together we are able to provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive and efficacious service.

Because Cloud Incubator HUB is a university initiative, it is strongly staffed with young, experienced researchers in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, all familiar with the latest technical developments in their various specialized areas: software engineering, computer languages and systems, the Internet of Things, enhanced reality, radio communications, embedded systems, sensor networks, cloud computing, etc. It is the offer of this kind of know-how for entrepreneurs that sets Cloud Incubator Hub apart from other incubators or accelerators.

Another advantage of Cloud Incubator HUB lies in the personnel side, in that many of the staff members are also teachers at the various Schools of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. They are thus in a position to identify potential young entrepreneurs and encourage them by addressing their doubts and concerns.