Many global initiatives have been created to celebrate entrepreneurship. Typically, such events follow the Silicon Valley format (keynote motivational speeches, networking sessions etc).

But Europe is different and requires something more when it comes to starting a business. Regional diversity and local policy making play a big role in shaping European startups. European regions are key players, from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks. That is why we think it is critical to include the regions in this conversation. And that is exactly why we created the Startup Europe Week.

From 1st to 5th February 2016, SEW partners all over Europe will present the projects sponsored by Startup Europe and all other relevant initiatives being developed in regional ecosystems. Entrepreneurs will have the chance to meet Startup Europe project leaders as well as some of the most relevant people supporting entrepreneurs in your region.

During one week, the Startup Europe Week will unite all european regions to help entrepreneurs make a difference and turn Europe in a better place to start and grow a business.

Startup Europe’s next big activity is Startup Europe Week, a bottom up movement that aims to set up a meetup in every single region of Europe to inform startups about the available support and resources both at local and EU level.

We invite you to explore details & register a #SEweek16 meeting in your city or region.

sewOur goal with Startup Europe Week is to bring together entrepreneurs and regions, closing a gap that is very unique in Europe – the importance of local / regional support in new business creation. To make this a reality we need local champions able to mobilise the most relevant actors of their local ecosystem.

A typical meetup within SEW will be:
* Focused on the regional/local level: giving information on what local or ecosystem players can do for entrepreneurs locally

* Based on a hands-on approach: the format and the information presented should be as pragmatic as possible

* A great occasion to network and obtain information local entrepreneurs cannot get from browsing online