UPCT is offering 25 places for entrepreneurs to create technology companies!

Due to the interest which our initiative has received from entrepreneurs who for different reasons are thinking of starting a company, we are printing the full article which was published on the 9th of September 2012. In light of the current employment situation, this front-page news story is a source of great pride to us, as we are serving this society by offering opportunities for self-employment. Therefore what better way of announcing the second edition of the Cloud Incubator Hub than by referencing said publication.

Cloud Incubator Hub, the business incubator from the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT) for companies who develop smartphone and tablet applications, has launched its second edition, which is set to run from October 2012 to March 2013, offering 25 places for technology entrepreneurs who want to develop their projects. The entrepreneurs will not have to make any financial contribution to take part in the project.

In the first edition of this initiative, ten startups were formed who have gone on to develop over a dozen applications. The man behind Cloud Incubator Hub, Andrés Iborra, has highlighted the success of this initiative: “The apps created by the work teams are of very high quality and some of them have already been downloaded over fifty thousand times through the App Store and Android Market.”

This business incubator, whose watchword is “If you have an idea, you have a job”, offers participants free training, technology and business workshops, mentoring, investor sourcing, brand diffusion, and networking sessions. In addition, the entrepreneurs will have their own space in the Fuente Álamo Technology Park, where their business idea will be able to take its first steps.

The Cloud Incubator Hub is directed specifically at engineers, computer specialists, designers, economists, marketing and communication experts, creative people, or any other person who has an idea for an application.

Andrés Iborra has highlighted that in addition to having the ten startups up and running, many of the entrepreneurs who took part in the first edition have found work as a result. “Several technology companies have come to us in the past few months looking for certain profiles which are precisely the type that can be found amongst the Cloud Incubator Hub participants,” Ibarra pointed out.

The Cloud Incubator Hub also helps entrepreneurs to find the investment required to make their projects a reality, through presentations to investors and high-risk investment companies.

The project has the backing of the Emprendemos Juntos [Entrepreneurs Together] Program from the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism.

Source: La Opinión Newspaper

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