Have you ever had a really good idea that could have been as big as facebook, gmail,  youtube, angry birds, viber, ect, that you have never been capable of launching?

Why have you not been able to develop this idea? The answer is simple, you don´t know how to start in a practical way.


Imagine starting your own business based on your idea, imagine having the support of a group of professionals that put 100% into helping you launch your project and business, imagine learning with the best teachers in the aspect of business and techniques so that your inicial idea becomes a reality, imagine having sponsorship and equity or investment partners to launch your business and make it a success. Imagine no more…you have it all at your fingertips.

You are now a candidate for a successful business. Cloud incubator is looking for you.

OUR “OFFER” IS THE FOLLOWING: » We are looking for technological entrepreneurs with restless minds and a grand future developing applications in the cloud and apps. Cloud Incubator Hub will help you to create your own company.»

The cloud and mobile applications is today refering to the future. Don´t miss out on this latest revolution in technology.

The past decade and especially the last three years have been spent producing the convergence of two technologies: cloud computing and smart mobile devices, in particular smartphones and tablets. This had produced a new computing model; mobile compting in the cloud in which any service is provided through mobile phone devices. The consultant Morgan Stanley predicts that any internet business via the cloud or mobiles will exceed by a factor of 10 the actual applications based on fixed terminals and will connect billions of smartphones through wireless networks. The volume of the business is of such magnitude that it´s expected to be an authentic revolution in the IT industry.

Cloud incubator is part of a strategic action program (We Undertake Together-Emprendemos Juntos) for the impulse of entrepreneurship of the Spanish ministry of industry. This meets the object to increase the creation of enterprises and microenterprises in the area of mobile applications, the internet of things and cloud computing, putting into value the entrepreneur capacity and stimulating the option of entrpreneurship for young people with solid technological knowledge.

The objective is to integrally support the business ideas of the entrepreneurs in every way. Integral meaning to try and cover every phase of the entrepreneurial activity from the desicion to launch until the building of the comapany, and also through the intermediate stages of the conception of the idea, the creation of a business plan and the constitution of the company.