There have been fundamental changes in the economic and the business structure over the past few years. Various factors and concepts have modelled the economical paradigm where many companies struggle keep up with the latest trends in the business world. Professionals from all generations are gearing up to seize the next big opportunity in the job market, which is defined by the latest trends and requirements.

Over the last five years, the path to successful career has changed drastically. In recent past, having qualifications and skills could qualify someone for a job. Having met the required expectation of the bosses would qualify even a passive employee for a job. Baby Boomers and Generation X usually built their career focused on one company or one particular field. They enjoyed the assurance provided by their career and many depended on the stability of their job.

However, in today’s contemporary business world, companies are finding that the entrepreneurial mindset is a prerequisite towards a successful career path. Even after acquiring a job, “just do the work” kind of attitude isn’t adequate in order to be successful at it. Employees must show that they have what it takes to push the company towards success rather than just completion of the assigned tasks.

Since the concept of outsourcing and specialization have taken over the traditional way of employment, the strategies used in today’s work place are way different from in the past. Many companies will distribute and redefine its work load in order to achieve maximum efficiency and maximum output for the resources invested in to the business. In the future, companies will reduce the number of employees due to the fact that consultants, freelancers and contractors are 30% less expensive than hiring an employee. By outsourcing sectors such as Customer service, Marketing, IT, Supply chain management, network management and Human resources, companies can cut its overhead cost by at least 38% . Due to the economic specialization, economic necessity and the quick access, some predict that by 2014, 90% of the business will use managed services. Even most jobs done by manual labour will be done by robots and machines. New inventions and rapid development in the robotic science and machinery will increase the rate of machine and robot usage, to the point where human labour wouldn’t fit in the line of production in the near future.

So how do we adopt an entrepreneurial mindset ? Being a entrepreneur does not always mean starting new business or implementing new business methods, instead it means creating value for your company and its clients. An entrepreneur must change their attitude to being active rather than passive. They must be willing to take risks, make life better and be ambitious. Today’s world is a tough place and the competition in any sector of the society is way higher than in the past. Many compare today’s business world as an organized chaos. So In order to be irreplaceable in this job market, one must always be unique. Even though entrepreneurial employment is still an emerging concept, one thing is for sure is that “playing it safe” will not pay your salary in the future.