New application for managing multivendor platforms in a unified Cloud.

An original Cloud Management solution. ECmanaged lauches it in London after being awarded «Best solution 13» at EuroCloud Spain.

This application allows you to manage and control different Cloud providers from a single, intuitive interface, was launched at the Cloud World Forum 2013 in London. The application is presented as an international reference solution, that addresses the deficiencies of the famous Cloud services. ECmanaged is a powerful tool for IT professionals, that aims to make it easier to work when Cloud platforms and applications to manage and have full control of their resources.

It’s aimed at any company or user that wants to use Cloud Infrastructure services, ECmanaged is a management tool that allows multiple Cloud providers a unified infrastructure (Amazon, Rackspace, Linode, etc.), whilst facilitating the deployment, automation and control of the systems.

This is a powerful control tool, capable of performing a complete monitoring of the operation, and from this information, perform automatic maintenance actions such as increasing resources available, regarding increases in demand (autoscaling) or restarting applications in case of incidents. All this, whilst reducing costs and the time it can take manually.

Aware of the value this solution provides, EuroCloud has awarded ECmanaged as «Best Solution 2013» at a Spanish level and the next October will participate with other European candidates EuroCloud final, held in Luxembourg.

This recognition along with the good response received in the Cloud World Forum in London, it gives us confidence in the success of ECmanaged as a global Cloud Management solution.