Connected Conference 2016 to be held May 25-­‐27 in Paris,  the European center of connected objects; Premier convergence event to be even more international in scope

The 3rd Edition of CONNECTED CONFERENCE & Expo will take place 25-27 May 2016 at Le CentQuatre in Paris, France. Highlighting the intersection of industry & Internet, the 3-day global event brings together major actors in both sectors and offers inspiring talks and networking opportunities. 50 countries will be represented , 150 CEOs, thought leaders, founders or innovators will take to one of 2 stages. 250 exhibitors including 150 startups will demo and launch new products. 2500 hardware, industrial and digital professionals will be in attendance.

Building on the success of two previous events editions (that included more than  1,000 participants from 25 countries, 100 speakers in three days, 200 connected objects presented), Connected Conference will hold its third edition on May 25-­‐27, 2016 at CentQuatre in conveniently located in central Paris.

This year, more than 150 industry leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, researchers and technology experts, will participate on 2 stages of plenary sessions and panel discussions, revealing the convergence of 2worlds:IndustryandtheInternet.

At the same time, more than 250 exhibitors, ranging from startups and multinational industrial companies (including 150 in a dedicated Start-­‐up Village), will demo their connected creations to an expected 2,500 attendees. Connected Conference will also offer its visitors unique experiential displays showcasing    applications of connected technology, including the Connected Home, an actual implementation of a smart home with a variety of functional objects that improve the efficiency, safety and comfort of a typical residence. These interactive demonstrations -­‐ the Smart Home, Startup Village, Exhibitor Hall and Vertical Stage -­‐ are all opentothegeneralpublicforanominalfee.

In addition, at the 2016 event, Connected Conference will for the first time expand its focus to the research and academic community with a program being held in conjunction with IERC and the European Union. The result  will be a half-­‐day session highlighting top projects and applications not yet commercialized.

Core themes driving convergence

The unique event will be organized around 9criticalareasdrivingtheconvergenceoftheworldsofindustryandtheInternet:

  1. 3D Printing and virtual/augmented reality:

3D printing continues to improve its ability to transform digital objects designed or generated by software into physical objects. At the same time, the rise of virtual an augmented reality allows us to bring our physical  selves into the digital world. The convergence of these two applications is creating disruptive waves.

  1. The home and security

Everyday objects become not only intelligent devices but also databases of our daily activities, introducing new requirements for protection and security. It promises to bring new offerings from suppliers ranging from insurance companies to suppliers of surveillance systems and devices for tomorrow’s smart homes.

  1. Drones and video

With the rise of drones, there are countless new applications in professional sectors that will benefit from the arrival of 4K quality video, standardization of streaming and the adoption of HD 360 in the vast majority of video players.

  1. The car and artificial intelligence

The possibilities of a connected car go beyond keeping your GPS accurate. Massive recalls are replaced by software updates that change the physical nature of the car. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, speech recognition and other advances are contributing the growing reality of the autonomous car.

  1. Health and connected accessories

Integrated and wearable sensors create endless opportunities in the healthcare industry to monitor patients’ health, diets, activities and general well being.

  1. Retail and online

The connected world is changing the way we shop, with e-­‐commerce and on-­‐line retailing surpassing  traditional bricks and mortar. Can technologies that improve the overall experience for consumers and provide unprecedented business intelligence and operational efficiency for retailers revive our boulevards and  shopping malls?

  1. Bits and pieces

At the core of the connected revolution is the unrelenting improvements in performance, functionality and size from electronics designers and manufacturers. The landscape of players is changing, 3D printing has emerged  as a disruptive force, and new entrants promise innovative offerings that will fuel new waves of game-­‐changing products.

  1. Telcos and API’s

Major telecom operators and unknown new entrants are working on powerful new networks capable of allowing billions of new devices to communicate. The race to build the next great platform for your home, car or office is on -­‐ whoever builds the biggest hub will control the data.

  1. Smart cities and big data

The world largest cities are the idea proving ground for big data. Traffic lights to coordinate, a fleet of self-­‐ driving cars to anticipate, utility infrastructure to monitor, and public works to coordinate – all requiring new types of databases to store, retrieve and analyze the masses of data being generated, and tools to make sense of it.

“Connected Conference goes beyond the trend of the Internet of Things, and looks at one of the biggest shifts happening in the world today: the intersection of Industry and Internet. Digital companies are creating physical products, and Industrial companies are developing connecting products, fundamentally changing how they operate. In 2016, we’ve picked out 9 inflection points in technology that are produced by collisions between historically industrial and digital activities,” said Liam Boogar, Co-­‐founder and editorial director of Connected Conference.

Connected Conference is organized by the Rude Baguette, the first English language news website in France dedicated to innovation in high tech, and also creator of the events HIRE and Paris Founders Event, and Europa Organisation, a leader in the organization of international congresses and exhibitions. More information on Connected Conference can be found here

Useful  Information 

Connected Conference 2016

May 25-­‐27, 2016

Le CentQuatre -­‐ 5 Rue Curial – 75019 Paris

Sessions will be held in English and French translations will be made available.

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