Quality Training from the Cloud Incubator HUB.

Training is a necessity that every good entrepreneur recognises as a way to successfully develop their business. It is therefore very good news to announce that Cloud Incubator HUB will launch its training practice for participants with two very popular courses that are of great interest and high demand among our start-ups. It has been an extremely selective task, and we have put a lot of work and care into the development of the themes in order to achieve a high degree of learning. You can access them through the «Courses» section of this site.

We understand all about traditional courses and their problems, so the training we are providing is distinguished by the originality of its content. It is not intended to be a traditional learning course, it is intended to get students to maximise their training in the pursuit of self-employment. To this end, the design and content of the program focus on entrepreneurs and business men and women who need to gain cutting-edge knowledge and have an urgent need to enhance technological and entrepreneurial success within their business. There is no need for deception in the title of the courses; you just have to carefully assess their content, as they offer aspects that are practical and applicable in the creation of new jobs that are in high demand nowadays.

These courses are aimed for you to get work and set career goals that maximise your future employment.

Here is a description of both:

Course in Content Management Systems (CMS) and WEB site configuration for professionals 2.0: Web 2.0 is constantly expanding in all social areas, as well as the business world and in technological activities. The web is no longer a simple window for multimedia content; it has become a platform where you can find many applications and computer systems (wikis, social networks, web portals, email, among others). It has created a new form of communication and way of working between users, organisations and companies. New job opportunities that arise in this area are often wasted because people don’t know enough about the technology.

Course in iOS for iPhone 5: This course provides the basic knowledge needed to develop iPhone applications, using the Xcode platform and iOS5 SDK. Taking the basics as its source, the course has a fully applied approach so that students acquire the basic skills that they need to begin working in the development of such programs. As the University of Cartagena is part of the iOS Apple Developer University Program, enrolled students can enjoy all the associated facilities (access to documents, actual testing on devices, among others).

Another point to mention is the cost of both courses. Bearing in mind that technological courses are expensive in the current market, the Cloud mentors and staff have achieved the necessary funding to reduce costs without losing the quality and professionalism of the courses. Each course costs 200 euro, with 20% of places awarded as scholarships, which cover 50% of the tuition, depending on the level of income, so it can even cost as low as 100 euro.

Finally another factor to consider is the professionalism of the teachers who impart both courses, who are “major players” in their fields. But don’t think about it for too long because places are limited, and it is worth your while to enrol in two courses.

This is our good news for today. I hope that you have liked it and that you will take up the opportunity that Cloud Incubator Hub is offering.