Jerry Yang is a General Partner of the Hardware Club. HC invest in the greatest early-stage hardware startups around the world in pre-seed and seed stages. In addition to capital investments, they also bring to our entrepreneurs lots of resources in manufacturing and retailers/distribution.

Broadcast March 15, 2016. For all those who did not have the chance to attend the AMA session of Jerry Yang, you can do it through the following link:

A bit more than a year ago, after a numerous complaints about the difficulties hardware start-ups face when it comes to scale, Hardware Club has started to operate.

As a General Partner and Hardware Lead of this club, Jerry Yang significantly contributes to the hardware start-ups community. His main incentive is to facilitate pre-seed and seed stages for the best hardware start-ups by providing them with the necessary funds. Besides the capital investments, the club provides its members all the necessary strategy and finance consultation services when entrepreneurs face manufacturing, logistics and retail issues. The club’s main focus is creating a suitable ecosystem for hardware start-ups where they can gather together, share the best practices, and build common knowledge.

Before starting his career in Hardware Club, Jerry has been a Venture Capitalist in Truffle Capital in Paris, where he has been responsible for such activities as interviewing entrepreneurs, generating investment ideas, negotiating with potential buyers, etc. He has established relationship with Chinese funds and banks for potential investments and exits. Jerry has also worked in Norway and Netherlands as an External Consultant at Basefarm in 2013-2014. He has contributed to the conducted market researches, which induced Basefarm to expand into the Netherlands via extra hiring and to seriously consider acquisition of a local IT firm in Germany. Since 2004 Jerry has been an Entrepreneur and Project Leader at Chip Advanced Technology start-up for four years until the company has been acquired by ITE Tech Inc. in 2008.

Having so much experience in start-up environment leverages Jerry to be an excellent expert and perfect mentor for other entrepreneurs.