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Cloud Incubator HUB of the UPCT, is open to all those entrepreneurs who have an idea and want to turn it into a company, extending to the internationalization of consolidated companies and startups.

We have created an ecosystem where the conception, creation and acceleration of startups with a high technological content is favored in a personalized and organic way.

Growing with our startups

| 700+ Startups accelerated in European projects
| 100+ Technology and business mentors
| +4.05 M€ Funding raised for our entrepreneurs
| +49.5M€ Investment raised by our startups

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& Blended Mentoring (On-line and Face-to-face)

The success of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem depends on the existence of talent and capital, but also on the ability to establish relationships of mutual interest between the various public and private agents that include large and small companies, technology centers, universities or public entities.

The ecosystem that Cloud Incubator HUB offers, apart from the infrastructure (spaces, fablabs, laboratories…) and training (courses, conferences, workshops…), is composed of a series of technological and business mentors, belonging to the University, the field of Business and Official Institutions, who work daily with entrepreneurs both face-to-face and online and even blended, being a physical and virtual incubator open to the world.


Cloud Incubator HUB is specialized in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, and one of its objectives is to organize innovation itineraries and activities for startups and companies with different levels of maturity that allow them to work together and share their experience among entrepreneurs..

The topic of Cloud Incubator HUB is targeted on technologies focused on Deeptech as a reference to the group of technologies that include the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and immersive technologies (augmented and/or virtual reality) as well as other similar technologies, so we propose that Cloud Incubator HUB becomes and specializes in the European Deeptech innovation center, attracting talent, startups and technology companies from around the world, both online and in person to encourage their collaborative work with each other.


Acceleration Programme

Cloud Incubator HUB has all the experience and network of contacts in various programs that are part of a new startup acceleration model known as “organic acceleration“.

This model encourages entrepreneurship through a live approach at all times and totally practical, providing an ecosystem similar to a campus in which there are various environments where activities of many different types are organized to accelerate the growth process of startups, regardless of the stage in which they are.

This model of organic acceleration distinguishes in the customization of the traditional models of acceleration and incubation, since there is no structured plan of studies, because each startup has its own peculiarities and therefore specific needs to be treated independently online or physically in the coworking spaces through events and activities that are organized..

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Working with European companies and institutions

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Cloud Incubator HUB is an on-site and online incubator / accelerator whose goal is to help the creation of startups in the field of Information Technology and Communications, which encourages collaborative work between entrepreneurs and networking with experts in many different technological areas.

We provide an entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem, both face-to-face and online, that allows entrepreneurs to accelerate and grow their projects until they become a company.

We would like to meet you so we can count on you for that idea that you have in your head and you have never decided to undertake, or also to progress if you have already developed a project with your startup, we would be delighted if you tell us more about your initiative.

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